Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good afternoon, everyone.

The last two days have obviously not been the best days of our agency and more so for some of our colleagues that no longer have an opportunity to share our work space/life. While we wish them all the very best for their future and hope that some day our paths will cross again, there are still a few things that we can be proud of as people and as an agency. It's a new day and with it will come opportunities for change, growth and success.

I have always believed that an organisation anywhere, in any business and at any stage of it's life cycle is always in beta mode. Meaning that there is always room for improvement. And since our agency has gone through the stress over the last couple of years of facing structural and cyclical pressures, change was inevitable. And it is good. That said, here's some news that should inject the much needed momentum into Y&R Dubai.

I take great pride in announcing that Nadine Ghossoub has been promoted to the position of MD of Y&R Dubai, she takes over my role here. I don't believe I need to elaborate on the qualities that make her an ideal choice for the role but I do know that she is the change agent our agency needs. In choosing her as my successor I considered the values that make a successful agency head, have the greatest opportunity to maintain and enhance the culture of the agency. But those are benefits that concern the transition process to ensure it is effortless, her real value is her talent, skill and being the person that she is. Nadine epitomises the passion one needs to be successful in this business, she has the commitment and most importantly the drive to push the agency forward and to push all of you to achieve your best. She takes over the agency at a very difficult time and will surely need your support. A good part of an organisation's success comes from it being a cohesive unit, I expect everyone of you to be aligned with her so she can succeed in her role and in turn give the agency it's best chance to succeed.

All the best Nadine.

Komal Bedi Sohal is now promoted to the role of Executive Creative Director. She will take over Shahir's role, no doubt those are big shoes to fill but Shahir sees in Komal the Manager that the Creative department needs. She has had the privilege of working closely with Shahir over the last 8 years, understands the needs of the agency, knows how to meet and set the creative standards this agency has been and will continue to be proud of. She will bring immense amount of skill, talent, energy and organisation to her job. She will also need your goodwill and support to ensure she continues to deliver the high quality output we have all expected of her over the years.

Komal, my friend, good luck, you will do a wonderful job.

Wilbur D'costa and Guilherme Rangel have been promoted to the role of Regional Creative Directors. This is the team that has been the pillar of our creative department, always dependable yet packing a punch. I have always been impressed by their no fuss approach, and never-say-die attitude. Wilbur and Guilherme have over the years, worn many hats in this agency and their dedication to every responsibility has been exemplary. We should all be proud of the way this team has fronted every big pitch that this agency has put together in recent memory and have handled all our major clients with professionalism and good humour. In their new role, they will be responsible for the creative output of all Y&R agencies outside of Dubai.

Gui and Will, we're counting on you to make the whole network shine.

Matthew Collier has been promoted to the role of Regional New Business Director for Middle East and North Africa. Matt in a span of a little over two years has become such an integral part of the agency that it feels he's been with us forever. He brings an incredible amount of enthusiasm and discipline to his job. Everyday. He has also proved beyond doubt his passion for the agency, he represents us well. In his new role he will bring value to the network and ensure that we leverage every opportunity to gain business and grow. It's a big job and he will need all our support.

Matto, good to have you on our team.

Yogesh has been promoted to Finance Manager of Wunderman in addition to Y&R (a job he has done exceedingly well judging by the number of people who hate him!). Yogesh is an invaluable asset to the agency, in his single minded pursuit he has added tremendous of value to the agency and brought about a sea change in the way our Finance department has functioned. Before I met Yogesh I had no idea people in his profession can be as passionate as he is, that's what makes me want to come to work everyday. The fact that our Finance Manager has passion too and does his job to exacting standards.

Yogesh, go ahead make everyone at Wunderman miserable too. Be the best Finance Manager the world will know.

As for Shahir and myself, we've been tasked to push the Y&R network both creatively and strategically. Our job will be to find the right opportunities and relentlessly pursue the goal of making our network the most efficient and envied in the entire region.

All the best to all of us.

Adil A Khan | Y&R


Diego Cosmo said...

http://dcosmo.blogspot.com - Constantes reflexões, Rumo a novos pensamentos! "Andarilho"

Zubas said...

Só não entendi um coisa na história toda, Guilherme: porque você levou o DVD embaixo do braço?

Drisalvia said...

legal ver mulheres sendo promovidas a cargos importantes/interessantes. Até que o mundo árabe não é TAO machista, after all. :-) congrats