Monday, February 02, 2009

O copo está meio cheio.

A coisa mais fantástica sobre as crises, mesmo em uma situação complicada como esta recessão global, é que sempre há uma história feliz e positiva para contar.

Eu ainda não ouvi nenhuma, mas tenho certeza que um dia vai aparecer.

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Daniela said...

I have one... I just started a project for a model railroad hobbyist.. this portion of the project will be 200 linear feet... 1000 feet after that...
Railroad will be displayed on major world-wide magazines (believe me.. there are hundreds of them)... Maybe this will be my chance to have my work exposed to an interested audience...

This guy I am working for has an open house 4 times a year when over 250 people come to see his railraod..

Hobbyists around the world spend millions of $ every year.. even during the crisis.. So.. there you go.. there are people that can't stop spending money.. specially if they are "addicted" to something specific, like a hobby..